ResCalc Master 64bit

ResCalc Master 64bit 1.0.4

All you need for working with resistors.

All you need for working with resistors.

Determines resistor value via color or vice versa, and features many other functions.

ResCalc Master is a program designed to aid you in working with resistors, tailored to amateurs and professionals alike.


- Determination of a resistor's value according to its colors

- Determination of a resistor's color according to its value

- Determination of a resistor's standard according to its value

- Support for resistors with from 3 to 6 bands

- Color code table that includes decoding example

- EIA standard value table (E6, E12, E24, E48, E96, E192)

- Resistor orientational dimensions dependent on strength of dissipation

- Series resistor calculator

- Parallel resistor calculator

- LED resistor calculator

ResCalc Master 64bit


ResCalc Master 64bit 1.0.4